Nicole Kidman UNLOADS, Drops Truth Bomb On Hollywood Pricks…No One Expected THIS!

No one can say that the last 12 months haven’t been full of surprises. This next story is a perfect example — in the present atmosphere, who could have predicted that one particular A-list, Oscar-winning star would be a much-needed voice of reason?

The Democrats still refuse to acknowledge that their foolhardy reliance on bizarre and vulgar stars like Lena Dunham actually factored into Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. Liberals prefer to mock Republicans for supposedly having fewer “true” celebrities on their side. All the fuss over who would or wouldn’t perform at Trump’s inaugural events simply stirred the pot.

Now Conservative Tribune reports that one world-famous actress has had enough:

“I just say (Trump’s) now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever’s the president because that’s what the country’s based on,” [Nicole Kidman] said recently during an interview with the BBC, as reported by The Washington Times. “Whatever, however that happened, he’s there and let’s go.”

Kidman, who was a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund, added that her concern lay with more specific issues — likely those concerning young children.

“I’m always reticent to start commenting politically. I’ve never done it in terms of America or Australia,” she said. “I’m issue-based.”

And doesn’t that approach make more sense anyway?

For example: While he’s an undeniable blowhard, U2 singer Bono at least has the decency to praise George W. Bush — his political opposite — for his unsung efforts to halt the spread of AIDS in Africa.

If a powerful politician on the other side of the aisle wants to help your particular cause, why not be gracious about it? Unless of course you care more about blind party loyalty, and your “cause” is just a trendy accessory, like a handbag.

Unfortunately, that’s the case with too many Hollywood types to count. Kudos to Nicole Kidman for showing that there is a better way to “give back.”

Source: Conservative Tribune

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