Nigel ATTACKS – DESTROYS Hillary With 15 DEVASTATING Words…She Has NO ANSWER To This!

Throughout this election, especially during the debates, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton mercilessly attack GOP candidate Donald Trump.

It’s almost shocking to see Clinton try to take a moral high ground, inventing stories to malign the conservative leader.

In almost every area she chooses to attack the man, she has a much worse track record. It is the ultimate example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Even our foreign allies are calling out her hypocrisy. As well they should.

From Breitbart:

Nigel Farage has said that Donald Trump shouldn’t be moralised to on sexual behaviour from Hillary Clinton, following the release of an audio recording of comments made the Republican presidential nominee over ten years ago.

In response to the release of a video from 2005 where Donald Trump boasts about hitting on women, Mr. Farage, who has returned as interim leader of UKIP following the resignation of Diane James, said on Breitbart News Saturday:

“Why should [Trump] be moralised to on money, taxes, or sexual behaviour by a Clinton?”

It is almost unbelievable that after all these years we are still putting up with the Clintons. Bill left the White House in disgrace, shaming the entire nation over his sexual misconduct. Yet in 2016 we have to stomach the idea that he’ll be back there, one way or another.

Worst still is the audacity that Hillary dares to attack Trump, when her sins are a mountain compared to a molehill.

In almost every respect, she is a comic book villain compared to Trump. She attacked him on taxes; she has been taking money from foreign powers to give them favors. She suggested he is buddies with Russian-backed hackers; she set up an illegal, unprotected server and allowed Top Secret documents to be hacked. She dares call Trump a sexist; she protects an actual rapist, adulterer and womanizer, who has never apologized for his crimes.

In truth, a woman like Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed near a public office. She deserves to be in jail for all her crimes and misdeeds. But until that happens, we can do one thing to keep her out of power: vote for Trump.

Tell Hillary we will tolerate her hypocrisy no more.

Source: Breitbart

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