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Nobel Peace Prize REVOKED? Obama’s Going To Be FURIOUS When He Hears About This!
By PJ Editor|July 19, 2016

Most people can still remember the good ‘ol days when terrorism had been pushed back and contained in the homeland of the perpetrators.  Who kept us safe after the horror of 9/11? W. did.

George W. Bush brought the fight to the enemy and kept peace in the Western world, but when Obama took over, he was praised as the guy who would end the violence.  We would all sing Kumbaya by the fire with his smooth talking and mixed heritage.  Even though he had never done one thing to keep the world safe.

Less than a year into his first term, Obama was awarded the highest honor, bestowed on men such as Nelson Mandela and Elie Wiesel: the Nobel Peace Prize.  Why did they give it to him if he hadn’t done anything yet?  ENH reports:

In a book coming out today, former Nobel secretary Geil Lundestad writes that the committee had high hopes for Obama and that the Nobel Prize in October 2009 would give Obama a “boost.” Instead, the group was roundly criticized for giving the prize to a man who hadn’t been president long enough to accomplish anything.

So the Nobel Committee decided that its highest honor would be a participation award instead of a meaningful recognition of work done to make the world a better place.  Our “community organizer” hadn’t brought the world together; no, it’s a more violent, dangerous place than ever before under his weak guidance.  The crazy part is, they knew this when they awarded it to him!

“Even many of Obama’s supporters thought that the prize was a mistake,”Mr. Lundestad said. In the book, he expressed regret that the decision had been based in a hope for the future rather than recognition of past accomplishments, and that their expectations for Mr. Obama were not fulfilled.

If they had to do it all over again? Obama would have never gotten that award.  They can’t take it back now, but imagine a world where they had never given it to Obama.  He would have had to work a lot harder to build peace through strength if they hadn’t been drooling over him in the first place.

Source: ENH

PJ Editor
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