NUTS: Obama Driving America Into Bankruptcy! The Latest Numbers Will Make You SCREAM…

For some reason there are people who still think Democrats know what they’re doing. Every election cycle they try to dupe voters into thinking they will help them with copious handouts. They promise free health care, college education, even salaries if they could. What they don’t promise is a way to pay for all their programs.

While it does sound nice for the government to provide all these services, it’s just not practical. They can raise taxes as high as the stratosphere, but it won’t be enough to cover the massive cost of bloated government programs. Higher taxes don’t affect the super rich, who know how to skirt them, and only become a significant burden on hard-working middle and working class families.

What ends up happening is that the government is spending money they just don’t have. They rack up a tremendous debt they have no way of paying off. But just how big is that debt? You just won’t believe it.

From CNS News:

The federal debt moved above $19,400,000,000,000 for the first time as of the close of business on Tuesday, according to the data released today by the U.S. Treasury.

At the close of business on Monday, July 18, the total federal debt was $19,391,094,247,028.26, according to the Treasury. By the close of business on Tuesday, July 19, it had risen to $19,402,361,890,929.46.

On Friday, Oct. 30, 2015, Congress passed the “Bipartisan Budget Act,” which suspended the legal debt limit until March 15, 2017. President Obama signed that bill into law on Monday, Nov. 2, 2015

After signing a “get out of jail free” card, the government allowed their debt to balloon sky high. This is such a massive amount of money, few of us would know how to read that number. It’s in the trillions.

So how is the U.S. government allowed to generate this kind of debt? The average American is harassed like a criminal for an outstanding debt of $100 by collectors. What is America going to do when our collectors from China and oversees come a’ calling? We can’t ignore a sum like this.

Our only hope is a responsible president who will end reckless spending, curtail massive taxing, and slash this debt for good.

And you know Hillary Clinton ain’t gonna do that.

Source: CNS News

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