WHOA: Obama Drops A STUNNING Admission! “I Take Responsibility For…

In 2008, the liberal media celebrated the election of the first black President. This was largely heightened by the fact he was a democrat, replacing a two-term conservative.

Although George W. Bush left the office with low approval ratings, with the media all but branding him a monster, he did keep America safe from terrorism after 9-11 and kept the Middle East in relative stability.

Under Obama’s regime, we’ve seen almost every aspect of our society turn for the worse. Millions have dropped out of the work force. The economy limps along (the only gains from companies outsourcing overseas). Terrorism is booming. And the Middle East is in total chaos.

But that’s not even the entire story. It looks like, thanks to Obama’s sloppy leadership, Americans have lost faith in the Democratic Party. This is evidenced by their massive loss of power throughout government.

From Allen B. West:

There’s no way to put it softly: the Democratic Party has been annihilated under Barack Obama’s presidency. To say the party has been decimated wouldn’t fully capture the extent of the damage, as it lost far more than a tenth of its influence.


Judging from the visualization above, it looks like Americans only put up with Obama’s presidency for roughly two years prior to voting Republican in droves. Those complaining that Donald Trump won the electoral college but not the popular vote (and arguing that the nation handing the presidency back to a Republican doesn’t represent the will of the people), need to remember all those other areas of government where they lost control were decided by a popular vote.

Even Obama takes some of the blame himself, although citing problems out of his control.

As HotAir posted, the President, in accepting blame for the Democratic Party losses, stated:

 “I take some responsibility for that,” he admits, before shifting instantly to how he wasn’t really responsible, having inherited an economy brutalized by the financial crisis, etc etc. I’d be curious to hear him explain, in detail, where he thinks his share of the blame lies…”

Even after eight years in office, he is still blaming Bush. You ample time to turn this ship around, Barry. You entered the White House with a majority of democrats in Congress. Yet you and your buddies performed so badly, America was quick to put Republicans back into the driver’s seat. Last of all, the presidency.

It’s amazing how democrats are willfully blind to the reality around them. They played fast and loose with our country for eight years, nominated a hateful woman as candidate, and then wonder at their spectacular losses.

It’s fitting though. They never seem to learn from their mistakes and grow as a party. While the GOP has adapted and changed, nominating an effective outsider candidate to set the government straight.

Unless the democrats learn soon, they won’t have much support going into the future.

Source: Allen B. West

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