SHOCK: New Info On ISIS Has Obama Scrambling…But He Can’t Escape This MASSIVE Screw Up!

We reported how in 2012, information was distributed through Obama’s government about how he was aiding groups in Syria that later became ISIS. Although intelligence reports predicted the forming of an Islamic State, our government continued to aid them in order to topple the then government of Syria.

More news is coming out that specifies exactly how Obama administration aids these groups in securing territory in the Middle East.

These regions are now major strongholds for ISIS and their allies and centers of the bloodshed and fighting.

From Breitbart:

Western and Gulf states and Turkey helped these Syrian opposition groups to control the Syria-Iraq border, according to the report. ISIS later violently formed its caliphate in the areas around that border. The report noted the potential for “safe havens under international sheltering” in this region similar to the situation in Libya, where the temporary government that formed after the U.S.-aided overthrow of Muammar Gadaffi established a “command center” at Benghazi.

The intelligence report goes into detail about how the West was actively helping opposition groups including AQI to control the eastern border of Syria near the Iraqi province of Anbar and the city of Mosul, both of which eventually fell in part to al Adnani’s group the Islamic State (ISIS), which continues to fight to hold control of the territory.

It looks like Obama help create this monster that is now aggressively trying to destroy the Western world. As he continues to deny the reality of radical Islam in terrorist attack here and abroad, ISIS continues its war.

Someone needs to explain to Obama how you can’t help radical Islam accomplish its goals in the Middle East, then pretend it just doesn’t exist.

Source: Breitbart

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