Obama Appoints New Judge…But 1 Thing About Him TERRIFIES America!

File this under “Least surprising story of the day.” As Obama’s term winds down, watch for him to pardon plenty of dubious criminals, and make lots of appointments that fall along “identity politics” lines.

Obama has always shown a particular fondness for Muslims at home and abroad, from his bizarre mandate to NASA that they focus on “Muslim outreach” to his pandering address in Cairo. In a clear example of “legacy building,” the president has just appointed the first Muslim to the federal judiciary.

However, the Huffington Post reports:

It’s unlikely [Abid] Qureshi’s nomination to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will go anywhere. With just months left in Obama’s term, Senate Republicans have all but stopped confirming his judicial picks. (…)

It’s not necessarily a dead end for Qureshi. There’s always a chance his nomination could move in the lame duck Congress, when chaos tends to erupt. And if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins in November, she could very well re-nominate him to the same seat in 2017. There have been rumblings about Qureshi’s nomination for months.

Obama gets to have things both ways: He can be a hero for nominating a Muslim, and a martyr for having the nomination stalled by those horrible meanies in Congress. Don’t believe for a moment he didn’t plan it that way the whole time.

Source: Huffington Post

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