WHOA: Obama Breaks Presidential Tradition…GLARING Error In Trump Meeting EXPOSED!

One of the most crucial parts of a Presidential election is the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next. It is one of the keys that has ensured our strength and stability for over 200 years.

After Donald Trump secured his victory as the next President of the United States, President Obama was quick to show his support and invite the man to the White House. He espoused his commitment to making the transition as effective and smooth as possible, just as George W. Bush did for him in 2008.

There are some, though, who are concerned over he and his people’s commitment to the transition.  A few glaring errors stood out.

From Allen B. West:

Breitbart is reporting, The current First Couple cancelled a planned photo opportunity with the incoming First Couple, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The Obamas canceled a photo-op of the current and future first couples outside the south entrance of the White House. In his first visit to the White House after the 2008 election, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama posed for the cameras alongside President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush. The decision not to participate in this tradition illustrates how bitter the campaign was, particularly for Mrs. Obama who delivered some of the most emotional arguments against electing Mr. Trump.

I for one, disagree with what many conservative pundits are saying about the photo op. Did Obama really snub Trump? Considering his enthusiastic response the day after the election and his gracious words alongside Trump after their hour and a half long meeting, I refuse to believe Obama is being anything but supportive.

As baseless, childish, and downright evil people stage protests and riots over our free election across America, Obama is being professional, respectful, dare I say Presidential in his support of the next president.

Who cares that they didn’t have a photo op outside the White House? As long as Obama and his team provide the necessary resources and support for Trump, that’s all that matters.

We need to stop looking for things to complain about. Trump won. Obama is leaving the White House. We have a future government with conservative leadership. Things are looking very bright.

Source: Allen B West

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