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Embarrassing! Obama Just Got Called Out For Bigotry…By A Democrat!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 26, 2016

One of President Obama’s biggest legacies will be his reach-out to the far-left and his absolute embrace of progressive-to-the-point-of-socialist policies.

Among: The White House’s acceptance of Black Lives Matter, and seeming stamp of approval on the group’s thuggish actions, which have included absolute disruption of some communities and fiery, violent clashes with police.

Apparently, even those of Obama’s own party are disgusted.

As Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat and left-leaning civil rights attorney, author and longtime law professor for Harvard University, said during an interview on CNN: Obama’s fueled the divide of America on racial lines. And the left ought not tolerate such blatant divisiveness.

“President Obama hasn’t done enough. He hasn’t done enough in calling out Black Lives Matter when they included an argument about genocide, calling Israel a genocidal country,” Dershowitz said, Breitbart reported.

Dershowitz also criticized the failure of Obama to publicly note the bigotry of Rep. Keith Ellison, who rose to prominence in part for his Muslim faith.

“He hasn’t done enough on Keith Ellison, who for years was associated with Farrakhan, and now says, I didn’t know he was an anti-Semite. Look, if Keith Ellison worked for years with Farrakhan and didn’t know he was an anti-Semite, he’s too dumb to head the DNC. And I don’t believe he’s dumb. I don’t think he’s telling us the truth,” Dershowitz said, Breitbart reported.

Dershowitz also said that those on the left ought to call out its own bigotry, and distance itself from it.

“I think that we on the liberal side have to call out the bigotry on the left as strongly as people on the right have to call the bigotry of the far right,” he said, Breitbart noted.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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