Report: Obama Calls Secret Meeting For World Leaders—Look How He’s Undermining President Trump

Former president Barack Obama is beginning to resemble one of those poor souls that simply can’t take a hint.

If we flash back to Inauguration Day for a moment, the scene of him and his wife boarding Marine One and taking off from the White House served as the closing point for the Obama chapter in American history.

Looking back on what happened right after that, we should’ve all known that wasn’t the case.

Rather than having that serve as his final ‘word’ on the day, Obama felt the need to deliver some remarks just moments after hopping off of Marine One.  

He portrayed it as a chance to say thanks – since he’s so gosh darn wonderful and all – but the reality is that it served as another chance for him to stroke his massive ego.

Since that time, the Obama’s have been fixtures on social media. There have been all sorts of photos making the rounds of Obama and the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, yukking it up with their celebrity pals.

This does not happen by accident. The photos are conveniently ‘leaked’ and shared to insure that the former First Couple remains in the spotlight.

Leftists fall for the obvious attention grabs hook, line, and sinker, and they spend an inordinate amount of time lamenting about how they wish we could return to the days when Obama manned the Oval Office.  

In addition to that, the man known for having the ‘audacity of hope’ has had the audacity to offer up commentary on his successor.

In recent times, Obama has felt his need to stick his beak into the flap over Charlottesville, as well as the announcement that his beloved DACA program is on its last legs.

Add in the fact that the Obama’s feel the need to have a primary residence just blocks away from the White House, and we can say with certainty that he plans to continue sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

The Obama’s choice of residence has been presented as being necessary so that youngest daughter Malia can finish out high school. Any parent can certainly understand and applaud that, but a closer inspection of the facts tells us the proximity to the White House is just not necessary.

As we can tell from their pricey vacations, the Obama’s are a couple of means. There’s no need to begrudge them of that fact, as they’re perfectly entitled to make a living in the private sector.

There’s plenty of people willing to throw money at them, and they’re taking it. No harm, no foul on that front.

That being said, being a couple with the means to make things happen opens up the possibilities on living accommodations. In the whole DC Metro area, there are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods. The couple couldn’t find another appropriate home that wasn’t a hop, skip, and a jump from the White House?

There’s a good chance they could’ve – if that’s what they wanted to do. Obama has shown that his desire to remain in the thick of things trumps all else, and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

The US Herald reports:

As Obama pushes his upcoming Obama Foundation Summit to be held in Chicago the main theme is about change. Obama has broke from a long tradition of previous President’s staying out of the current President’s way repeatedly and has even bought a home just minutes from the White House in an attempt to undermine President Trump at every opportunity.

Ok, so what is this ‘summit’ and why should we all care? Well, it’s another opportunity for him to push his agenda and worldview, and he’s inviting other leaders to hear him pontificate about it.

This time Obama is blatantly announcing his plan that “will bring together hundreds of leaders from all around the world.” Obama will most certainly use this Summit as a stage to promote his liberal agenda and do as much damage to President Trump’s credibility on the world stage.

Really? High-priced speeches on Wall Street and over in Europe aren’t cutting it anymore as a big enough forum for him to continue espousing his views to the world?

Obama has had his time in the sun. His predecessors have not had a hard time keeping their mouths shut on matters involving their successors. They were smart enough to realize that presenting opposition to the new president would be bad for the country as a whole. Why does Obama have such a hard time with it?

Beyond being a bad look and horrible manners, it’s getting to the point of being disruptive and divisive, which are two points he claims to be passionately against. Why in the world would he be going out of his to help both of them continue to happen?

There’s a one word answer for that: ego. Obama can’t stand the fact that he’s no longer needed, or that his precious legacy is in jeopardy of being further exposed under new leadership.

His presence is about as welcome these days as another appearance from Hillary Clinton to promote her vent session disguised as a book. It would be great if he could start picking up on that hint.

Source: US Herald

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