Obama Did ONE Thing Well In Office…And Now It’s For The LAST Time…

This being the last year of Obama’s time in office, we’ve seen him go on a sort of farewell tour.

It’s clear the man had an emotional attachment to the office, as seen from his sad look back after his second inauguration.  He didn’t view being President as a duty to serve America, but more of a status symbol for himself and perhaps other African Americans.

He toured Europe and Asia this past year to say goodbye, often apologizing to foreign powers for America.  He’s lamented in interviews that he cannot run again, going as far as to say he was being fired from the job.

It doesn’t take someone much to think that the job of being President—to him—was more about appearances, ego, and prestige, rather than working hard to strengthen our country.

Surely, judging from the state our nation is in right now, he did little to help.

So let’s take a look at one of the things Obama did well: appearing before cameras for a largely pointless event.

From Town Hall:

President Barack Obama on Thursday marked his final time lighting the National Christmas Tree with a wish that Americans will care for the sick, the hungry and the downtrodden this holiday season and treat one another as they would want to be treated…

Obama reflected on his eight years in office and said the United States is a country that has come back from economic crisis, wars and national tragedies…

Performers at this year’s ceremony included Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Kelly Clarkson, Marc Anthony, Yolanda Adams, The Lumineers, James Taylor and Chance the Rapper. The host was actress Eva Longoria.

Yes, during a season where we should celebrate the birth of Jesus, Obama focuses on himself. He surrounds himself with celebrities and sycophants to light a tree, then spout off some empty words about charity and giving.

Obama was always good at rhetoric; clearly he never stopped campaigning to lead the country.

This event of lighting a tree sort of encapsulates his entire time in office: all flash with no substance.

The best thing we can say is that it’ll be his last time doing it.

Obama lights National Christmas Tree for final time

Source: Town Hall

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