UNBELIEVABLE: Obama Drops Bombshell About Votes…Trump Goes Insane!

Would anyone be surprised to learn that historic American traditions and documents are anathema to Mr. Obama?  Recall that this is a man who has spent the last eight years attacking our founding documents, attacking our founding fathers, apologizing for America when abroad, and generally making sure never to miss an opportunity to criticize the very nation that elected him as its leader.  He even got his perpetually angry wife to assist him.

How’s that for gratitude?  One can hardly imagine how the US maintained any semblance of civilization prior to his arrival at the White House.  And we certainly were not aware of the despicable nature of our Constitution until this alleged Constitutional Law Professor was elected president.

One of the concepts that is most offensive to those on the left is the idea of states rights.  This, of course, is consistent with their desire to establish a federal government so powerful that state and local governments are left with little more to debate than the name of the new library or the color of the fire plugs.  Everything else must be decided by Washington.

This isn’t a new idea, but Mr. Obama has sought to establish ultimate authority over the states with unequaled enthusiasm.

The problem is that the Constitution gets in his way, especially those pesky Ninth and Tenth Amendments which, if interpreted and implemented according to original intent, would reduce folks like Mr. Obama to insignificance.  So the Constitution becomes a target for Mr. Obama’s criticism.

Since the Electoral College didn’t generate the outcome from this election that Mr. Obama desired, that part of the Constitution that established it takes a hit from this president.

Note the disdain for the concept of states rights implicit in Mr. Obama’s comments as he states that, “‘The Electoral College is a vestige, it’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states,’ Obama said during a press conference at the White House.”

By the way, who determines what parts of the Constitution are a “vestige” and which parts are not, Mr. President?

Let’s get to the real issue.  What has Mr. Obama upset is that the form of government established by the Constitution is not producing enough progressive or leftist office holders to suit him.  Were it pouring mostly Marxists into the halls of Congress, no doubt Mr. Obama would be extolling the wisdom of the Founders.

Obama continues, “’As long as California and Wyoming have the same number of senators, there’s going to be a problem –unless we’re able to have a broader conversation and move people who right now aren’t voting for progressive policies and candidates,’ he told the New Yorker in an interview.”

No, this is not a problem, Mr. Obama.  You and your fellow big-government aficionados are the ones with the problem.  As long as the states retain the powers the Founders intended for them to retain, statists such as you and the Clintons are up the creek.  The Electoral College and the fact that there are two Senators from each state are doing precisely what they are supposed to do – acting as a check on the federal government.

That check on the powers of the central government may have been diluted by a Supreme Court that has been derelict in ruling from a strict constructionist position, but one can only shudder at what America would look like without these Constitutional protections that politicians such as Mr. Obama so despise.

Source:  Western Journalism

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