WHOA: Obama Embarrasses America On WORLD Stage! Foreign President Calls Him A…

During one of the most important elections in recent history, our current president is off on his farewell tour around the world. Instead of wrapping up whatever good work he is doing in America (if there is any), he is hobnobbing with potential future employers in Asia and other parts of the world.

While we’ll gloss over his apologetic words about Americans for now (he loves bashing us to the people of the world), let’s talk about his behavior with the president of Philippines.

From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama won’t meet with Philippines President Duterte after the fiery leader called him a “son of a whore.”

“President Obama will not be holding a bilateral meeting with President Duterte of the Philippines this afternoon,” National Security Council Spokesperson Ned Price noted in a statement to reporters.

Yes, President Duterte called Obama a dirty word. Yes it was unprofessional for a foreign leader to do that.

But Obama cancelling his meeting is even more unpresidental. The leader of the free world should be more mature than that. He should put aside whatever stupid thing the man said and agree to meet with him. It would be a sign that he and America are the bigger people.

Remember when Obama wanted to ban water-boarding, claiming we should be better than our enemies? But now he refuses to meet with a man over a phrase?

It’s not as if this tour will do anything of substance for the United State or other nations. But showing respect to foreign leaders—even when they behavior poorly—goes a long way in maintaining healthy relationships with them.

Maybe Obama realizes Trump is going to be the next president. Maybe he is trying to stir up trouble for his replacement.

We may never know.

Source: Breitbart

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