‘Enough Is Enough!’…You Won’t Believe Who Just Went Off On Obama BIG TIME!

His state was recently the scene of the worst mass shooting in American history.

He must be under enormous pressure to keep his remarks neutral, politically correct and “civil,” which makes these recent comments all the more remarkable.

Appearing on CNN, a furious Gov. Rick Scott pushed back against Obama’s call for more gun control:

“Let’s remember, the Second Amendment has been around for over 200 years,” Scott said. “That’s not what killed innocent people. Evil killed innocent people.”

Later that day, Scott was even more outspoken, during an interview on Fox News:

“When do we stop and say, ‘Enough’s enough!’ When are we going to absolutely say our No. 1 focus, destroy ISIS. Stop radical Islam!” Scott said. “I mean, I do not want this to happen in my state again. This is disgusting. I’m fed up with it. It was an attack on our gay community, our Hispanic community… This has to stop.”

Scott said we needed a strong leader who would not only focus on rebuilding our economy, but making it a priority to destroy our enemies.

“I’ve talked to so many people who are worried about are they going to be a target,” the governor said. “That’s not how this country should live. We have the resources. Destroy ISIS.”

Source: Western Journalism

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