BOOM: Obama Gives His FINAL Speech As President…His Blatant Lies EXPOSED!

Did anyone bother watching Barack Obama’s farewell speech? In the first place, it isn’t likely to be the last speech Obama ever gives; unlike former presidents like Eisenhower and George W. Bush, no one believes that Obama will go away quietly and retire from public life.

In the second place, everyone knows what that speech would be like. As with all his public addresses, whatever their ostensible topics, the focus would be on him; the word “I” was bound to pop up dozens of times.

In this particular instance, that emphasis was going to be forgivable. Obama was going to boast about how his presidency changed America for the better, and how much he has accomplished.

First, let’s begin with Bill O’Reilly’s brutal review of Obama’s tenure:

At, Jennifer Van Laar’s commentary pulled no punches.

After Obama listed his so-called accomplishments, such as job creation and the expansion of health insurance, she observed:

If you had done these things, we might have said you were a success. Especially if “open up a new chapter with the Cuban people” meant that the Communist government was completely finished and free markets and democracy had taken its place.

Poverty falling? Health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in fifty years? I suppose my 400 percent increase in health insurance premium is an anomaly?

Van Laar said listerners would have to be on “very potent, mind-altering prescription drugs” to see America the way Obama claims to.

At one point, Obama actually declared:

“…no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years…”

As Van Laar says:

Tell that to the people in San Bernardino, in Boston, in Fort Lauderdale…

Thankfully, we don’t have to hear any more of his reality-detached drivel.

That’s the bad news. Obama isn’t going anywhere. He’s said so himself in exit interviews. Watch for Obama to appoint himself as a sort of unelected, unwanted “leader of the official opposition.”

His die-hard fans, especially celebrities, will love it. He’ll be a frequent guest on their TV shows — and maybe have one of his own.

The good news about that is that no one will be forced to listen to it, and his power to screw up the country any more will be limited.

Source: Red State

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