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It wouldn’t be so farfetched to think that there is an international war on American values. Sounds crazy, yes, but America has historically been a country of new ideas, personal liberties, and strong convictions.

In a world that frequently bows to the whims of dictators, tyrants, and dangerous political trends, the U.S. has always been seen as a rebel.

Just look at how pop culture and the media around the world depict us. If you watch the shows and Internet content that come out of Europe (which I occasionally do), you’ll see that Americans are portrayed very poorly. They criticize our 2nd amendment rights, our commitment to God and faith, and our strong national identity.

This coming from a society that for generations have vilified individuality, in favor of propping up the state and failed socio-political unions. Countries that still smart of Communist rhetoric, dangerous sliding back into that way of government.

The latest “study” coming from this socialists hotbed only further proves their biased against us.

From McClatchy DC:

[A]ccording to the Legatum Prosperity Index’s findings for 2015, the U.S. is the healthiest country in the world. However, when it comes to freedom, an ideal most Americans pride themselves on, the U.S. falls to 15.

So what’s the country with the most personal freedom? Canada, followed by New Zealand, Norway, Luxembourg and Iceland.

Personal freedom, as defined by the London-based Legatum Institute, measures a nation’s performance at both guaranteeing individual freedom and encouraging social tolerance. Canda was ranked No. 1 due to 94 percent of its citizens saying they believed they had the freedom to choose the course of their own lives and 92 percent saying there was tolerance for ethnic minorities and immigrants.

For the first time in a long time, studies are revealing what we’ve known for while: American, thanks to a strong–though flawed–healthcare system, are some of the healthiest people in the world. That flies in the face of European depictions of Americans as fat, lazy, monsters. (See this clip for proof).

So how do our rivals continue to attack our way of life? By saying we are one of the least free countries in the world.

Now you may be wondering how they came to this conclusion. We, unlike many European nations, have an iron-clad Bill of Rights that guarantees citizen’s freedoms. Countries like Canada, the U.K. and other allies don’t even promise full religious protection to their people, nor free speech.

You can see from the excerpt above how they rigged this “study.” They considered “social tolerance” as another factor in judging a person’s true freedom. Meaning, they added a liberal, social justice requirement in order to determine whether or not a country endorses freedom.

So the study is saying that unless a country forces some kind of social change on its citizens, they are not free. That flies in the face of the true spirit of personal liberties: that citizens are free to chart their lives according to their own convictions, not have their lives and beliefs dictated by the government.

Let’s look at Canada, the “gold standard” according to this study. They have had a history of passing laws that make it illegal to say anything against another religion. That may seem like a protection of freedom, but these kinds of “hate speech” laws inhibit free speech and freedom of religion, making it impossible for people to express themselves.

The United Kingdom, our buddies across the pond, have an even worse track record for free speech. In the last 15 years, they’ve passed numerous laws outright abolishing certain forms of speech, if it just merely offends someone else. (Take a look at the vast differences between a UK citizen’s freedoms and an American’s).

Just a cursory look into the issue of personal freedom will show that America is way ahead of even our allies. Yet this study would want us to believe that we are way behind. Why? Because in recent years we’ve been the victims of terrorist attacks and racial conflicts. Often these problems are direct attacks on our freedoms, not symptoms of a lack of freedom.

This is proof positive you cannot believe every article with the words “a study shows.” Clearly any group can manufacture a  “study” rigging the results with criteria that is inaccurate or openly deceptive.

I maintain that despite our struggles, America is the freest country in the world. On top of that, our freedoms are protected by the Bill of Rights, a document that cannot be erased due to the whims of current leadership or international political trends.

For that, we should all be thankful.

Source: McClatchy DC

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