WHAT! Obama Hid This ALARMING Fact About Iran deal—Secret File Reveals The Truth…

One of the biggest failures of the Obama administration (and there have been many) is his support for the Iran nuclear agreement. Despite the concern of Americans and leaders, he pushed for helping a nation hostile to America, our allies, and Israel.

Iran doesn’t mince words when they state their hatred for the West. If they had the power, they would wipe Israel and the United States off the map. Yet our president, as well as his current Secretary of State John Kerry, agreed to lift sanctions off this country and encourage them to pursue a nuclear development program, the very last thing they should have.

Now we have word that the ones responsible for this disastrous deal knew the whole time that it would accelerate Iran’s progress towards weapons of mass destruction.

From Allen B West:

A document obtained by The Associated Press shows that key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program will ease in slightly more than a decade, halving the time Tehran would need to build a bomb.

The document is the only secret text linked to last year’s agreement between Iran and six foreign powers. It says that after a period between 11 to 13 years, Iran can replace its 5,060 inefficient centrifuges with up to 3,500 advanced machines.

Since those are five times as efficient, the time Iran would need to make a weapon would drop from a year to six months.

Iran says its enrichment is peaceful, but the program could be used for nuclear warheads.

In roughly a decade we could be looking at an Iran who is arming warheads aimed at Europe, Israel, and America. Our leaders knew about this and did nothing.

No, they did do something, they supported a deal that allowed this.

Why on earth would an American president allow such a deal? Does he have buddies in Iran he’s trying to help out? Does he owe the Iranian government something? Maybe he just wants to foolishly look like everybody’s buddy, including nations that hate America.

Regardless, it was a disastrous decision from a man who should have never been president.

Source: Allen B West

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