Chilling! Obama Lets Muslim Somali Refugees Flood In….The Numbers Are Explosive!

The mainstream news has been replete with stories about immigrants committing, beatings, rapes and killings against western Europeans in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the UK and against Americans, as well. The leadership of all of these countries are always too willing to excuse the violent behavior under the pretext that westerners deserve it because of how we have supposedly mistreated the Muslims and because of what the perpetrators have been forced to endure in their homelands.

But there is a clash of cultures occurring that cannot be solved or even minimized by Europeans and Americans simply responding with their “higher values” and “enlightened spirituality.” This clash stems from older cultures from Islamic nations that have kept their same beliefs, traditions and attitude of superiority over other cultures for centuries.

Islam is responsible for enslaving or killing a significant number of the world’s population, arguably in the millions, from ancient times up until this very day and it is still very much a part of their way of life.

Americans have been sold a lie of guilt based on the idea that the white race is inherently racist. The leftists in academia, the media, and our government leadership have done an amazing job of promoting the lie, through political correctness, in order to bully grass roots Americans into submitting to ever increasing levels of Socialism being forced upon us, all in the name of the New World Order.

This is where President Obama’s Syrian and Somali immigration policy comes into play.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration resettled 8,858 Somali refugees in the United States last year, and nearly 43,000 during Obama’s eight years, a huge number that is now raising concerns after a Somali refugee led a one-man attack spree on the campus of Ohio State.

 Like Syrian refugees, there is no adequate way to check the backgrounds of the Somalis, according to the head of the Center for Immigration Studies.

The Somali refugee numbers into the U.S. from the Department of Homeland Security and State:

— 2015, 8858.

— 2014, 9,000.

— 2013, 7,608.

— 2012, 4,911.

— 2011, 3,161.

— 2010, 4,884.

— 2009, 4,189.

In ancient times, whenever a nation/state/culture was conquered, the first thing the conqueror did was to import large numbers of foreigners into the land in order to dilute the indigenous populations making them weaker, less loyal to one another and less able to form alliances of resistance against their conquering invaders (i.e. NWO)

As a puppet of the New World Order, President Obama’s assignment is to achieve that diluting of the population in America along with creating racial conflicts, class struggles, a distrust of local law enforcement and an ingrained hatred of America and it’s history along with the abandoning of national pride by our college students and younger generations.

Obama has done all this in 8 years and the destruction of America is well on it’s way to completion. Hopefully, the election of Donald Trump as president has given us a temporary reprieve in the slide to our doom. However, there is much more work to be done if we are to undo the damage to America that Obama has accomplished.

Source: Washington Examiner


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