PATHETIC: Obama Makes Stunning Military Announcement…This Abuse Of Power Is Sick!

Obama doesn’t seem to understand the facts of life.

He’ll be out of office in a matter of weeks, yet he seems determined to issue orders and make policies, especially ones that stand little chance of surviving a Trump presidency.

In a perfect illustration of the upside down world inhabited by Obama and his fellow Democrats, the president has expressed his support for one of the least popular issues of all time. Not even many radical feminists are in favor of this move to increase “equality”:


The Obama administration declared its support Thursday for requiring women to register for the military draft, a symbolic but significant shift that reflects the U.S. military’s evolution from a male-dominated force to one seeking to incorporate women at all levels. (…)

Obama, who will leave office in less than two months, has less leverage over Congress and the broader Washington agenda than he did earlier in his presidency. Like his embrace of gay marriage in 2012, Obama’s announcement appeared aimed more at influencing the public debate about women in the military in the coming years than at forcing an immediate policy change. (…)

The measure had roiled social conservatives, who decried it as another step toward the blurring of gender lines akin to allowing transgender people to use public lavatories and locker rooms.

It’s hard to imagine President Trump championing this particular cause. Obama’s announcement is just a sad attempt to attract as much attention to himself as possible while he still can. It’s time to move away from a president who loved abusing his power every second of every day.


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