Obama Mocks Joint Chiefs In SOTU…Their Reaction Is PRICELESS [VIDEO]

In another in a long line of pointless State of the Union Addresses, President Obama used his last opportunity to salvage his dismal time in office.

His long-winded “short” speech was punctuated with meaningless standing ovations by his sycophant Democrats. It seemed after every lie, they needed to reinforce it by clapping.

But not everyone assembled agreed to join in on the political equivalent of a love-fest. As Obama began to rail on the so-called strength of our country, he claimed we have never been stronger (despite our dismal jobs situation, incompetent government, and constant threat of terrorism).

As the mindless supporters rose once again, there was one group that refused to join in: the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Not only did they refuse to stand, but their expressions told everything of their opinion on this President.

Just see for yourself:

As The Conservative Tribune reports:

The most neutral seemed to be Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, on the bottom left. He seems to wear a mien of vague amusement — almost as if he’s asking, “What is this guy smoking?” (Answer: probably something from the “choom gang.”)

However, just to the right of Gen. Dunford were Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark E. Milley and Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller, respectively. Both of them look like if you hooked their arteries up to a hydroelectric generator, their blood pressure could power the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Why the stony faces? Maybe it’s because they have little love for a President that’s shown no support for the military. This despite taking credit for such victories as the death of Osama Bin Laden, an act done by a brave team of soldiers.

The silver lining for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of course, is that they won’t have to put up with this administration for much longer. Let’s all pray the next President will be more supportive of our armed forces.

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