Obama’s Shocking Power Play…Stuns America With SICK Move to Stop Trump!

While liberals celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the last eight years have proved him to be one of the most  untrustful presidents in our history.

What he claimed was the most transparent administration in history has been anything but. Under Obama we learned of the NSA spying on America phone calls, texts, and emails. Under Obama we saw executive power broadened to extremes. We saw immigration laws ignored. And we saw the collapse of the Middle East and the rise of ISIS.

Whistleblowers, from Snowden to Wikileaks, have expressed concerns that the abuses Obama gave to himself will now transfer to Trump. Apparently having a conservative President access to the same levels of power is suddenly unacceptable. What were you guys doing the last eight years?

Now it looks like Obama will try to pull a few strings at the last minute to deprive Trump of the same power he enjoyed.


From Right Wing News:

Is President Obama that spiteful? Absolutely, and he is not ashamed to show it.

As many as 98 final regulations are reportedly under review at the White House and could be implemented before Donald Trump takes office.

Seventeen of those are considered ‘economically significant’, with an estimated economic impact of at least $100million a year, Politico reveals.

Obama is trying to push through regulations on issues close to him such as air pollution from the oil industry and measures aiming to help highly skilled immigrant workers obtain green cards.

In a final abuse of his power, Obama might be able to make it difficult for Trump to enact some of the promises he made during his campaign, most notably immigration reform. Obama could use one final abuse of his executive influence to pass measures that will plague our nation for years to come.

But what the left doesn’t understand is that Trump has the support of a majority of Congress. Both houses have a republican majority. He can easily get laws passed to accomplish his goals, including Congress in the process. Unlike Obama who has all but ignored the will of the people and Congress, via executive orders.

We are returning to a government by and for the people, a government that will function the way it was meant to. The President and Congress will work together to pass laws–perhaps even amendments–to confront the challenges we are facing.

Obama could never do that.

Source: Right Wing News

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