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BREAKING: Wasting More American Lives…Obama Preparing to Take US To War In THIS Failed State
By PJ Editor|April 4, 2016

It went so well the first time.

Obama is such a capable commander-in chief.

Hillary Clinton might inherit it, so what could go wrong?

These are just a few of the magical thoughts that must be going through the otherwise empty heads over at the White House as the United States prepares to go to war in Libya because…why not?

WaPo picks up the story…

The shaky debut last week of a new unity government in Libya brings Western nations, including the United States, much closer to a renewed military mission there, and to a host of obstacles that will test their ability to secure a country gripped by Islamist extremism and civil war.

Well, that doesn’t sound like a REAL war, with planes and troops and everything, right?

The tentative political progress comes as the United States moves forward with plans to launch intensified attacks against the Islamic State’s Libyan branch, which has up to 8,000 fighters and is the group’s strongest affiliate outside Iraq and Syria.

Planners at the U.S. Africa Command are now developing dozens of targets across Libya that American or European warplanes might strike. They range from the coastal city of Sirte, where the extremist group has established a refuge, to Ajdabiya, Sabratha and the militant stronghold of Derna. U.S. jets have carried out strikes against the group there twice since last fall.

The Pentagon is also seeking to improve coordination between U.S. Special Operations forces and their French and British counterparts, which have established small cells on the ground, seeking in part to line up friendly militias that can take on the extremist fighters.

Air campaign? Check. Ground troops? Check. What could possibly go wrong?

Our friends at Hot Air have some thoughts on that…

Yes, that’s the ticket! Air attacks alone on fixed positions against a mobile and ill-defined enemy will certainly work this time, even though it’s largely failing every other time we’ve tried it. No one will notice the collateral damage, right? Oh, and don’t forget the partnerships between the West and “local militias” that will let the US and NATO off the hook for doing their own ground fighting. We have an excellent track record of choosing allies from local militias, as our consulate in Benghazi could attest if it still existed.

Source: Washington Post

PJ Editor
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