Obama Reignites Russian Cold War With One Reckless Move…Americans Are Stunned!

Obama has a long and bitter relationship with Russia—much worse, if you can believe it, than America has had with the country.

Yes, America endured a long Cold War and prevailed, and Putin is no saint with his ambitions on extending his power beyond the Russian borders.  But Obama has been the opposite of a deal-maker, with his Ice Queen, Hillary Clinton, leading the charge on making American relations icier than ever.

After the big red reset button, the jockeying and baseless blame aimed at Russia over the brutal Democrat loss in 2016, Obama has taken his hissy fit to dangerous levels, even though he is a lame duck with only days before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

President Obama has deployed US special forces troops along Lithuania’s border with “aggressive” Russia.

Tensions between Washington and the Kremlin have reached Cold War levels amid reports Vladimir Putin is deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province of Kaliningrad – which borders Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.

Just as Trump is about to take over the reins of the U.S. government, Obama seemingly flips the switch from his weak foreign policy to acting like the big, bad guy, expelling Russian diplomats and moving military forces into place to threaten Russia.  Clearly he does not understand what “peace through strength” means.

While Trump will have to monitor his relationship with Putin closely, his respect for another nuclear superpower is obviously a wiser move than Obama’s rash actions.  Thankfully Putin seems to understand that Obama is acting like a cornered animal that is liable to lash out in the last days of his presidency.

January 20th cannot come soon enough, giving Trump far more than his Twitter account to defuse international incidents, even though he keeps pulling those off.  Once he has the full power of the Presidency behind him, he can begin to fix the damage Obama and Hillary Clinton have done to our foreign relations in the world.

Source: The Sun

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