SEALS Go On DEADLY Mission To Save Americans…What Obama Did Next Is SICK!

It is well established that Barack Obama doesn’t give a damn about our troops; or Americans in harm’s way.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with his fundamentally transforming America into his warped socialist paradise; or interfere with his leisure time!

How many times have we seen President Obama playing golf when people’s lives were at stake? TOO MANY TO MENTION and Obama always gets a free pass from Liberal La la land.

This is the one issue that boils the blood of more conservative Americans than just about any other. How many times has the video of George W. Bush reading to children after being informed of the 9/11 tragedy been hashed and rehashed so the Democrats could roast him anew over a fire pit of Liberal hatred?

Way too many.  The hypocrisy coming from Liberal Land is astounding.

How many feats of bravery by America’s military heroes having been scuttled by the current ‘Putter-In-Chief’  not doing his job?  Here’s another one we can add to the list of Obama failures. Breitbart reports:

A group of Navy SEALS were forced to return from a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan after President Barack Obama failed to approve their operation while he was on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

The missions took place Aug. 10 and 11, in Afghanistan, according to Ami Newswire, both days that Obama spent a large part of the day golfing in Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama was “so busy playing golf” he didn’t have time to approve the mission, not even between holes. The special forces operation was forced to stand down and wait till the next day before Obama would approve it. By that time, the hostages, two English teachers from America and Australia respectively, had already been moved to a new location. The Spec Ops group missed them by 4 hours.

Thank you very much Mr. Empty Chair! We need someone new in the Oval Office who aren’t bothered to be interrupted in order to save American lives

Source: Breitbart


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