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BREAKING: Obama SHOCK Move To HELP Illegals Cross…Border Agents HORRIFIED!
By PJ Editor|November 20, 2016

If there is one issue where President Obama and President-Elect Trump couldn’t be farther apart, it is immigration.

Donald Trump wants to protect American jobs and secure the country in the age of Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama wants to create as many government-dependent Democrat voters as possible.

Last week it appeared that Obama was giving up the ghost on his dream as he pulled the plug in the courts on his effort to legalize hundreds of thousands of lawbreakers. Apparently this was just a smokescreen.

In reality, there has been a massive surge in border-crossers post-election. Knowing that Trump will move to secure the border, these foreign nationals are hightailing for the US. It looks like the lame duck internationalist Obama is doing everything he can to quietly help them, as The Federalist Papers reports…

Obama has two months left in his presidency, and he’s using it to shut down aerial surveillance over the U.S/Mexican border.

President Elect Donald Trump takes office in January, and President Obama wants to make Trump’s deportation promises as difficult as possible.

Reporting on a Watchdog exclusive…

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security quietly shut down Operation Phalanx, an aerial surveillance program that intercepts drugs and illegal crossings along the Mexican border.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, vows to challenge DHS’s move, saying Congress provided “full funding” for 2017.  Cuellar, a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the Homeland Security Subcommittee, is drafting a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson protesting the shutdown.

The real sick irony is that despite their claims to the contrary, the liberals don’t care about these people at all. As an illegal, you do not have the protection of the police or the courts. You have no redress against abuse by employers and no access to the institutions that make it possible to move out of poverty.

Legal immigration is a gift to our country, providing dynamic new ideas and energy that fuels out economy and improves our lives. Illegal immigration is little more than slavery. Just like the permanent welfare class, Obama and the left want to keep as many people as possible trapped in this cycle of poverty and privation as they can, so they keep up the lie that the only way out is to keep electing Democrats.

Source: The Federalist Papers

PJ Editor
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