Obama Surrenders Internet Control…These 5 Countries Will DESTROY Our Freedom of Speech!

The Internet, as we know it, is about to go through big changes.

That’s because of President Obama’s planned transfer of ICANN, the control of Internet domains, to a grouping of foreign nations. And the subsequent fall-out, critics predict, will bring less freedom and more government clamp-down on free speech.

Just look at some of the regimes who will be taking America’s place at the ICANN helm, beginning with China.

“China wrote the book on authoritarian control of online speech,” Breibart’s John Hayward wrote. “The legendary ‘Great Firewall of China’ prevents citizens of the communist state from accessing global content the Politburo disapproves of.”

China also bans online news reporting, and watches bloggers like a hawk.

Next up: Russia.

“Like China’s censors, Russian authoritarians think ‘Internet freedom’ is just coded language for the West imposing ‘cultural hegemony’ on the rest of the world,” Breitbart’s Hayward wrote. “Just think what Russia and China will be able to do about troublesome foreign websites once Obama surrenders American control of Internet domains.”

And another: Turkey.

“Turkey has banned social media sites,” Breitbart went on, “including temporary bans against even giants like Facebook and YouTube, for political reasons. … The Turkish telecom authority can impose such bans without a court order, or a warning to offending websites.”

Saudi Arabia and North Korea also make the list.

“Sadly,” Hayward in Breitbart wrote, “our society is losing its fervor for free expression and growing more comfortable with suppressing ‘unacceptable’ speech, but we’re still far better than anyone else in this regard.”

Source: Breitbart

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