Obama Let This Violent Illegal Stay In America, Now There’s Blood On Barack’s Hands

Many illegal immigrants commit heinous crimes, but Democrats still demand to open American borders to them.

This week, an immigrant tried to set off a bomb in New York City. He was in America, thanks to Democrats’ bad immigration policy.

Democrats are in favor of open borders and weak immigration enforcement. They look the other way as illegals sneak across the border. These people endanger American lives. Yet they are allowed to stay.

We learned about an illegal alien that was allowed to stay, despite being a violent criminal. Guess what happened?

From Conservative Tribune:

On Monday, a court in California found an illegal immigrant from Vietnam guilty in the murders five years ago of a family of five.

“Binh Thai Luc, who had a violent criminal history and was supposed to be deported in 2006, was found guilty in the murders of a family of Chinese immigrants,” Fox News reported. “He was also found guilty of five counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglary.”

The murders occurred March 23, 2012, during then-President Barack Obama’s time in office. In debt, facing an eviction notice and desperate for money, Luc reportedly gambled at a casino that evening but wound up losing all his money.

Afterward he sought out Vincent Lei, 37, with whom he was friends, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He then murdered Lei and his family, including his wife, Chia Huei Chu, 30; his sister, Ying Xue Lei, 37; his mother, Wan Yi Wu, 62; and his father, Hua Shun Lei, 65…

Fox reported that Luc “spent a decade in prison for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon for the 1996 armed robbery of a Chinese restaurant.”

Following his release the federal government sought to deport him back to Vietnam, but something happened.

“(B)ecause Vietnamese authorities declined to take him back, he was released under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that undocumented immigrants must be released after six months if their country of origin won’t allow them to return,” the Chronicle reported.

Think about the insanity of that Supreme Court ruling. We had to keep him, because Vietnam refused. Why should that be legal? The other country should have no say in the matter. If we deport a man because he broke the law, let’s make sure he stays out!

Binh Thai Luc was allowed to stay in America. Look what happened. He murdered five people–an entire family. If he had been deported, they’d be alive today. Liberal idiots prevented that.

This should be a wakeup call to all America. If a legal citizen commits a crime, they face real punishment. Yet we are protecting criminal aliens. They are allowed to murder.

When is this going to end?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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