ObamaGate Erupts AGAIN! New Intel Reveals Barack Was Spying On…

Trump started a firestorm in Washington with his now-famous tweet accusing Obama of spying on him at Trump Tower.

The media quickly pounced on him for not supplying every shred of evidence, but then the intel began to trickle out and make the media look like fools.

The revelation of Susan Rice unmasking the subjects of NSA intelligence was the latest in a series of bombshells, but then the news once again went dark. Who exactly had they been wiretapping to get intel on Trump?

Now the other shoe has dropped, and it’s a sign that the dam is breaking to vindicate Trump—and indict Obama.

From the Washington Times:

The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of Carter Page, an adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, because the government had reason to believe Page was acting as a Russian agent, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

An FBI spokesman did not immediately return a call seeking comment from The Associated Press.

Page, who has denied having improper ties to Russia, told the AP Tuesday he was “happy” that the court order had been revealed and blamed the Obama administration for trying to “suppress dissidents who did not fully support their failed foreign policy.”

If you hear about this in the mainstream media, the headline is obviously that a Trump adviser was being investigated for possible Russian ties.

But the real headline is that another adviser to Trump was being wiretapped during a presidential election, most likely to gain political intel during an active election. 

And now this man, currently innocent of all charges, has been unmasked and penalized for serving the now-President.

Now that this name has dropped, expect the dam to break wide open.  No doubt the NSA was spying on other Trump associates, and it is only a matter of time before the intelligence follows suit and releases this information.

And when there is enough intel, Obama could become the first former President to be indicted for abusing his power.

Source: Washington Times

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