WHOA – Obama’s Iranian Ransom Is WORSE Than We Thought…The Other Shoe Is About To DROP!

There’s a lot of talk going on right now about the $400 million Obama gave to Iran. I’m sure you are as confused as most people about why he did it and just what the big fuss is all about.

Critics are claiming the money was not for a 37-year-old arms deal–as the president claims it was for–but a ransom to release hostages Iran has taken. Even leaders in Iran are saying it was a ransom and reports claim that the hostages weren’t release until the money arrived.

Now it’s clear the reason we don’t pay ransoms is that is encourages more hostage-taking. Why not? If the terrorist governments are getting cash for Americans, why not take more? It can become a booming business! Cash-for-Hostages could become one of the biggest industries in the Middle East!

So it comes as no surprise that Obama insists that it wasn’t a ransom. But there are other reasons why giving Iran so much cash was a massive mistake: it is illegal.

From National Review:

Terrorism-related sanctions against Iran trace back to the early 1980s… But the sanctions most relevant for present purposes stem from President Clinton’s 1995 invocation of federal laws that deal with national emergencies caused by foreign aggression.

Clinton concluded that Iran had caused such an emergency by, among other things, “its support for international terrorism.”…

To this day, Iran remains on our government’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

According to law the United States is not allowed to provide any form of goods to a sanctioned nation, meaning Iran. Because Iran supports terrorism, they are not allowed to benefit from the US’s financial systems. In giving $400 million to Iran, Obama tried to circumvent these rules–something he loves to do–by transferring the money into different currency.

By his own account, President Obama engaged in the complex cash transfer in order to end-run sanctions that prohibit the U.S. from having “a banking relationship with Iran.” The point of the sanctions is not to prevent banking with Iran; it is to prevent Iran from getting value from or through our financial system.

Regardless of the reason for giving Iran the cash–either an old deal or ransom–Obama broke a litany of laws and regulations to do so. He tried to hide the fact by transferring the money through complicated means, then blamed the sanctions for why it was so difficult.

It’s clear that Obama wants to support Iran. We may never know why. He has helped them get nuclear technology–which will help them make nuclear weapons–he has criticized the needed sanctions, and is now just plan giving them cash.

By all accounts, it looks like Obama wants to support a terrorist regime, to the cost of the United States and her allies.

Source: National Review

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