Obama’s Charlottesville Response Overshadowed By One Arrogant Mistake

What was shaping up to be a quiet summer weekend turned out to be not so quiet in a hurry.

Alt-right protesters descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, and they were met by dueling protesters. The mainstream media played the scene up to the hilt, and then the powder keg erupted.

A deranged man got behind the wheel of a car and plowed into others that were in attendance. Much attention was immediately paid to the fact that the suspect was a member of the alt-right.

All eyes were on President Donald Trump from that point – at least as far as the press was concerned – and he stepped up to the podium to condemn the violence and call for calm. That wasn’t enough for many observers, and coverage of the tragic events quickly evolved into a referendum on how Trump responded.  

Independent Journal Review passes along the details on what POTUS had to say.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s violent protests that took over the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, many took to social media to respond to both the situation and the way that it was handled.

A number criticized the president, saying that when he attributed violence to “many sides,” he did not go far enough in condemning the white supremacists who were a part of the protest:

Could Trump have specifically called out the various alt-right groups by name? Perhaps, but does that also mean he should call out the liberal groups that were in attendance by name? Where does it end when you open up that can of worms?

To draw attention back to the obvious, Trump is not responsible for what happened in Charlottesville. It was a situation that got completely out of hand, and that falls on the response to the protest by those tasked with formulating a response via local law enforcement.

Balls were dropped, and the situation was completely exacerbated by the actions of a deranged individual. It’s unbelievably sad that the media immediately crossed the line into divisive chatter that does absolutely nothing to place the tragedy in perspective.

If this had happened under the watch of former President Barack Obama, would so much attention be devoted to how the commander-in-chief responded? We think not.

Speaking of Obama, he did take to social media to offer up his thoughts on the situation.

Former President Barack Obama issued a statement directed more at the protests and the culture of hatred than at Trump himself:

Fair enough statement, but did he really need to include yet another photo of himself to make the point? Users on social media were not kind to Obama’s choice.

“Even now….even now, it’s a picture of him,” shared one user.

“I’m just glad Obama cared enough about what happened & took the time to post a picture of himself,” added another commenter.

“Am I the only one who is amazed that Obama tweeting a picture of himself didn’t immediately put an end to racial discord?” chimed in another user.

Everyone responds to tragedy differently, but those that feel the need to call attention to themselves are particularly off putting.

It’s easy to interpret what the former president did here as at least slightly off putting, and we’re going to cram the coverage from the mainstream media into that category as well.

A person died in Charlottesville due to the actions of a loose cannon, and numerous others were injured as well. That’s the story and all that matters. What perspective the loose cannon brought to the table is irrelevant, as are the leanings of the victims.  

The mainstream media crafted the response from Trump into being the story and all that matters. While doing so, there were none too subtle suggestions that the actions of the driver of the vehicle were somehow inspired by the political environment that Trump has created.

Beyond being a leap worthy of Evel Knievel, that’s an absurd narrative to push forward. By using that same logic, what caused an unhinged gunman to open fire at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia earlier this year? Was that Trump’s fault as well?

No, it wasn’t. The gunman was a deranged individual that held extremist views, and he responded by going over the edge.

There was no suggestion from the mainstream media that the actions of the gunman were representative of the feelings of all liberals, nor should there have been. There are deranged folks of all shapes and sizes, and there’s no exclusivity on political affiliations.

The mainstream media continues to do all that they can to increase the divide, and that’s nothing short of shameful.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.  
Source: Independent Journal Review

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