BREAKING: Obama’s Secret Plan REVEALED! For Months He Has Been…

Obama has been shot down by the courts with his BS executive amnesty, but don’t think that was the only trick up his sleeve.

In addition to the resettlement of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees, Obama remains committed to allowing as many illegal immigrants into the country as he possibly can before President Trump slams the door!

Now the New York Times has broken the story of an unannounced policy change that has already been going on for months!

Here is the key take-away…

The Obama administration is delaying deportation proceedings for recent immigrants in cities across the United States, allowing more than 56,000 of those who fled Central America since 2014 to remain in the country legally for several more years.

The shift, described in interviews with immigration lawyers, federal officials, and current and former judges, has been occurring without public attention for months. It amounts to an unannounced departure from the administration’s widely publicized pronouncements that cases tied to the so-called surge of 2014 would be rushed through the immigration courts in an effort to deter more Central Americans from entering the United States illegally.

Source: New York Times

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