Perhaps one additional reason why Mr. Obama was so loath to see Donald Trump win the presidency is because Mr. Trump is going to provide such a contrast not only in ideology, but just in the art of being a man.  In other words, Donald Trump is the sort of man Barack Obama will never be.  Strong.  Assertive. Passionate.  Bold.  Outspoken.  Decisive.  And the big one — respected.

Mr. Obama is none of those things.  In fact, in something of an ironic twist, Hillary would have made Obama look weak in comparison, although not without her signature brand of corruption.  So Obama wasn’t going to win this comparison contest regardless of who followed him.

So it is at once a sad commentary on our national leader and amusing at the same time as we watch Barack Obama attempt to portray himself as a tough guy in his dealings with Vladimir Putin.  Of course, this is to attempt the impossible, so the results are predictably tragic for Mr. Obama’s attempt to feign an “alpha male” image in contrast to Putin.

Here is an example of Mr. Obama attempting to discuss how he was firm with Mr. Putin concerning the alleged hacking issue.  Believable?  Maybe not.

The following clip is of a man claiming to be establishing “red lines” regarding Syria.  And we know what happens to Mr. Obama’s “red lines” when they are violated.  He just moves them.  Hence, the man is just not respected.

The obvious conclusion that should be drawn by any foreign leaders is that they can ignore this man with impunity.  Not only is there no force of character backing up his statements, but the remarks themselves wreak of equivocation.

The joke goes that if some nation were to attack America, Obama would retaliate forcefully with a sternly-worded letter asking them not to do it again.  The trouble is, it’s not far from the truth.  And it’s anything but funny, but rather an embarrassment and danger to our country.

Source:  Clash Daily

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