Off-Duty Cop Dresses Up As Batman, Stuns This Man Commiting Crime In Public

Superheroes might not be real, but regular everyday Americans are making a difference.

Often kind-hearted citizens dress up as comic book characters, to bring cheer to sick boys and girls.

This one off-duty cop does this regularly. Yet on this one occasion, he was able to thwart a crime!

From Fox4News:

While shoplifting four DVDs from Walmart in Saturday, a Fort Worth man probably did not expect to be brought to justice by The Dark Knight. But that is exactly what happened.

Fort Worth Police officer Damon Cole dresses up as superheroes for a good cause.

“I dress up as many different super heroes and I travel the country in my off time seeing children with cancer and other illnesses,” Cole said. “I do that to give them inspiration and hope to keep fighting.”

Cole was dressed as Batman at a kids safety fair on Saturday when he was alerted to a man suspected of shoplifting four movies.

“Batman says ‘I want you to know I have this Batman costume on but I’m an off-duty police officer,” Anthony Drake, a Walmart community involvement member said.

Since the DVDs amounted to less than $100, the suspect was just given a citation. The suspect did not want to talk about his arrest, but he did take a selfie with Batman after being arrested.

The irony of the situation is that he was attempting to steal the Lego Batman movie.

“You cannot steal my movie. Come on,” Cole said.

Pretty hilarious. A man who stops crimes for a living, was able to thwart a theft as the Caped Crusader himself!

It’s admirable that Cole, who spends much of his life serving the public, uses his free time to do even more. He dresses up as popular superheroes, simply to inspire and encourage children who are struggling.

This unexpected moment probably makes his commitment even more real. To inspire kids and stop a crime—that’s the dream of every superhero!

Be sure to share this hilarious story with everyone you know. They must remember: The Dark Knight is out there!

Source: Fox4News

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