Oh. No. They. Didn’t! WATCH: Protesters Interrupt The WRONG Group!

What you are about to see is America in microcosm, caught on tape.

They say there are “two Americas,” one blue and one red. This divide has never been more apparent than it was during this year’s election. Patriotic, hard working, “normal” citizens finally got tired of being lectured to by clueless elites and their spoiled campus mouthpieces.

Some progressives have taken to the streets across the United States to protest the lawful, democratic election of Donald Trump. However, one group of (paid) protesters got more than they bargained for when they marched past one Tampa, Florida bar:

While protesters continued to chant “DUMP TRUMP,” they found themselves being challenged with shouts of “USA! USA! USA!” To make matters worse for the anti-Trump crowd, a group of Marines had gathered to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corp and to raise funds for Wounded Warriors Ability Ranch in Pinellas Park .

Historically, Marines, especially those who are participating in a Pub Crawl, do not like hippies who criticize their Commander-In-Chief. The situation began to spiral out of control.

Fortunately, for the protesters, Tampa Police Officers arrived…


Not surprisingly, the local news video that accompanied this story gives the leftists more airtime than the veterans to express their views.

Credit: Joe for America

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