After Brussels, This Country Makes HUGE Announcement – Terrorists (and Liberals) are Furious

Big news in Europe.  In light of the Brussels attacks, Poland has dropped its promise to the European Union to accept 7,000 migrants into their country.

They say they cannot allow what happened in Belgium to be repeated in their nation.  It seems there are a few leaders in Europe with common sense.

The Prime Minister is also calling for the EU to begin talks for countering the plague of radicalization.

According to Breitbart:

Speaking at the Belgian Embassy in Warsaw, where she laid flowers for the victims of Tuesday’s bomb attacks at an airport and metro station in Brussels, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said: ‘We must put an end to terrorism in Europe. We must not be afraid.

“’After what happened in Brussels yesterday, it’s not possible right now to say that we’re OK with accepting any number of migrants at all,’ she told Superstacja TV on Wednesday. ‘I will be very clear: at the moment, I don’t see a possibility for migrants to come to Poland.’

Critics will attack Szydlo, saying she is preventing innocent refugees from finding a safe haven.  And they would be right.  But don’t blame the Prime Minister; blame the radical Muslim terrorists who are infiltrating the refugee numbers, finding weak spots in Europe, and killing innocent civilians.  Every refugee that cannot find a place to live is on their heads, not hers.

Her words are a blow to the European Commission, which had struck a deal with the previous Polish government, along with other European member states, to take in thousands of the migrants flooding north from Greece and Italy.

The Commission’s whole approach to the migrant crisis depends on solidarity between the member states, leading to a willingness to take in their ‘share’ of the newcomers, but Eastern European states in particular have so far proved more difficult to convince of the plan.

Despite this common sense reaction to the outrageous attacks, there are still European countries determined to undermine their nation’s safety.  They are committed to welcoming unregulated migration, allowing refugees from the Middle East into their borders.  Such actions will continue to weaken all of Europe, asonce insidea terrorist can travel between EU countries with ease.

“In a joint statement issued by the EU Heads of State or Government and the leaders of the EU, the leaders condemned the bombings as ‘an attack on our open democratic society.'”

But what measures are they taking to protect their people from further attacks?  These EU leaders are good at making statements, but light on taking real action.

Only Szydlo seems willing to go against the tide and do what is necessary to protect her people.

So as the rest of the EU welcomes more potential terrorists into their countries, at least Poland will be marginally safe for the time being.  Let’s hope more nations come to their senses and join them.

Source: Breitbart

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