OUTRAGEOUS Voter Fraud Finding….You’ll NEVER Believe How Many Illegal Votes Cast!

The left is always accusing conservatives of promoting “voter suppression” by “unfairly” demanding that voters show valid identification.

Funny, right? How dare we get in the way of their voting scandals — like when they get people to vote who either can’t (the dead) or shouldn’t (non-citizens)?

One of the biggest concerns republicans had during the election was the distinct possibility that the democratic turnout machine would find a way for illegal aliens to vote, especially because immigration was arguably the hot button issue of the campaign.

Confirming those concerns, one group was established to monitor and expose voter fraud and has a troubling claim:

According to the founder of Votestand, a voter fraud reporting app, over 3 million illegal aliens voted in the 2016 elections this month.

If this is true, in full or even in part, then we have a serious problem. Illegals should not be able to influence the political direction of a country that they are not legally part of. If they want the right to vote, they need to go through all of the legal channels that make them citizens of the United States.

Gregg Phillips of VoteStand points to the 19 states that don’t require voters to show ID, saying this may be the source of these illegitimate votes, but that further analysis is required.

Phillips says he’s preparing to file a lawsuit in federal court to get to the bottom of this alleged fraud.

Credit: Right Wing News

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