Breaking: Patton Oswalt Wants Trump Destroyed…You Won’t Believe Who He Asked To Do The Job!

Comedian Patton Oswalt is a particular favorite of progressive hipsters. There was a time when he was less overtly political but lately, Trump’s rise has driven him to be more outspoken and left wing.

Oswalt is particularly popular on Twitter, but did he go too far this week? Probably. Making a joke about terrorism directed at the President-elect didn’t go down very well.

First Oswalt responded to a tweet that pointed out that Trump had branded properties all over the world and that they might be targeted by terrorists.

Oswalt’s response?

“Holy f***. Come ’n’ get it, terrorists!

Overwhelmed by the reaction, Oswalt backpeddled. He deleted his retweet and implied that anyone who didn’t realize he was being sarcastic (or something) just wasn’t smart enough to get his joke.

When that didn’t work, he called his tweet “a badly worded joke” but then insisted “I WASN’T kidding.”


In fairness to Patton Oswalt, he is no doubt still deeply grieving the tragic, completely unexpected death of his wife. Maybe he should take a break from social media rather than indulge in these attempts at humor right now.

Source: Right Wing News

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