Paul Ryan Has A STUNNING Message For Trump…Even Donald Is SPEECHLESS! [WATCH]

Now that the dust has settled and Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, GOP leaders are weighing in on his historic win. With a majority in the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House, conservatives have an opportunity to make big strides towards their goals.

Throughout the election people, including those of us at the Patriot Journal, questioned the loyalty of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  A longtime conservative, Ryan frequently came under fire for siding with Obama on issues like immigration. People even criticized him from not properly endorsing Donald Trump, the GOP nominee. (Eagle-eyed readers will remember people were speculating a coup to install him as the nominee at the RNC—all false rumors.)

Questions over Ryan’s loyalties have been cleared up, as this morning he held his own press event, asserting his commitment to the Trump presidency.  Watch his comments below.

From The Right Scoop:

Paul Ryan spoke a few minutes ago giving Trump a lot of credit this morning for helping keep the majorities in the House and the Senate. Ryan promised to work with Trump in this new unified government to conquer the big problems that plague America, telling reporters specifically that they will repeal and replace Obamacare and are very glad they have a president asking them to do so…

“I think the mistakes of the Republican government is that we didn’t do the right thing at the right time. I think the mistakes that we made in the past is we didn’t seize the opportunity when it presented itself. The opportunity is now here and the opportunity is to go big, to go bold and to get things done for the people of this country.”

We wondered if politicians like Ryan were keeping their distance from Trump during the election for fear their electorate would not vote for them. But as it turns out, he is praising Trump for helping Republicans maintain their hold on Congress.

Don’t be surprised if massive initiatives are made within the first months of Trump’s administration.  With the help of the GOP majority, exciting things are going to happen.

Source: The Right Scoop

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