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PAYBACK: Paul Ryan Double-Crossed Trump…But Donald Serves Him A MASSIVE Dose Of Justice!
By Faith Braverman|April 4, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan’s poorly crafted healthcare bill caused a hard blow to President Trump’s first months as president.

And this is after Ryan failed Trump in the past, siding with Obama on key issues.

Seeking to be viewed as a decisive and productive leader, the bill’s failure to pass seems to have taught our president a valuable lesson on where he should place his loyalty.

Ryan’s bill was riddled with problems for staunch conservatives, and highlighted the divide between the establishment wing of the Republican party and the tea party wing spearheaded by the House Freedom Caucus.

Trump finally appears to be viewing this divide with new eyes, and is now pulling away from Paul Ryan when it comes to crafting legislation.

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump, chastened by his experience pushing for the failed Ryancare bill, is moving forward on tax reform with his own economic team in the lead–not Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

A 14-page paper, obtained by Politico and developed during the presidential transition, is the central blueprint for the president’s tax reform program–and it would push Ryan’s own Border Adjustment Tax off the table.

Trump’s corporate and individual tax reforms are significant, but no way near the revolutionary changes contained in Ryan’s Border Adjustment Tax, which shifts $1 trillion in annual tax burden onto exported goods and exporters.

That fight has already been going on behind the scenes, as domestic manufacturers and retailers line up allies and resources as they contest for who will be on the hook for one-third of the federal government’s annual revenues.

The key takeaway: The White House is not outsourcing these details to anyone, including the speaker of the House.

This development is encouraging to Republicans weary of Ryan’s empty rhetoric and pursuit of his own self-interest.

Ryan’s Border Adjustment Tax, which would shift $1 trillion of the tax burden onto U.S. exports, will be tabled in favor of Trump’s plan to slash the corporate tax rate to 15% down from 35%. This move by Trump will lead to job expansion and new business in the United States, as the high tax rate is currently chasing our jobs overseas.

With Trump’s recent cozying up to Sen. Rand Paul, a man notorious for being anti-establishment, Trump looks poised to truly drain the swamp in D.C. as he promised.

Source: Breitbart

Faith Braverman
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