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PAYBACK: Scorned Former Candidate Just Stuck a Knife In Trump’s Back…I Didn’t See THIS Coming!
By PJ Editor|April 12, 2016

It can’t come as a surprise that some of the former candidates for the Republican presidential nomination might not be too happy with Donald Trump.

He mocked everyone of them at one point or another, calling Jeb Bush “low energy”, complaining that Rand Paul had no business in the race and even insinuating that Carly Fiorina was too ugly to be president.

However there is one former opponent in a particularly strong position to exact his revenge and it appears that is exactly what he is doing.

Marco Rubio earned over 140 delegates during the Republican primary. Now it seems to be time to use his support and his delegates to exact a little revenge, as the Washington Examiner reports…

Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s supporters have teamed up in Arkansas to pack the state delegation with individuals who’ll turn against Donald Trump in a contested convention.

How much damage can “Lil’ Marco” do?

This could ding the Donald, costing him as many as 25 delegates after a first inconclusive ballot. Cruz, who finished with 15 out of the available 40 delegates in primary voting, stands to gain all 16 Trump delegates and the 9 won by Rubio.

Bart Hester, a top Rubio organizer in Arkansas, said he’s filling Rubio’s delegate slate with individuals committed to opposing Trump in Cleveland.

Not that Rubio and Cruz are solely to blame, Trump is proving once again that his lack of planning and organization is costing him power.

“The Trump Campaign continues what seems to be an eclectic version of a campaign,” said a GOP insider in Arkansas, who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. “They’re not sending their preferred list, they’re not having people vetted to make sure they’re Trump people.”

Source: Washington Examiner

PJ Editor
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