WOW: Mike Pence Drops DEVASTATING Bombshell…Hillary Didn’t See THIS Coming! [WATCH]

It’s hard to find a pundit or media personality who thinks Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine beat Indiana Gov. Mike Pence during their first and only vice presidential debate—and you won’t find one in this story, either.

But the depth of Pence’s win is deserving of a second look, particularly on points in which he scored magnificently.

From Louder With Crowder: “Mike Pence destroyed Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton. Completely. Like he’d used BleachBit.”

So what exactly was one of Pence’s biggest hits?

It dealt with Clinton’s handling of classified information.

“Both Pence and Kaine have military sons,” Louder With Crowder wrote. “What if either of their sons had recklessly handled classified information the way Clinton did?”

As Pence pointed out: They’d be given court-martials and sent packing in disgrace.

“Good on Pence … What a smarmy little smirk Kaine had,” Louder With Crowder opined. “Just before Pence put the uppercut in his chin. Pence isn’t wrong, either. Hillary plays by her own set of rule the rest of us cold never play.”

Smirk be gone.

“Kaine’s performance was so bad,” the blogger wrote, “it wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary made him find his own way home.”

So how will Trump build on the win Pence secured against Kaine?

Debate number two, between Trump and Clinton, is set for Sunday, October 9, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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