WHOA: Mike Pence Makes A STUNNING Announcement…No One Expected THIS!

Once again we see how the mainstream media is chomping at the bit to get their hands on some tidbit of information they can use to crucify Donald Trump with.

During the Trump campaign in the last few months, we have seen Hillary’s mudslinging become a torrential landslide of accusations of racism and sexism followed by her assertions that Trump’s isn’t qualified nor has the temperament to be president. Everything we’ve seen, so far, is the exact opposite of what the Democratic nominee and her entourage of minions have hissed about Trump.

Of course Mike Pence, who is Donald Trump’s choice for running mate, won’t escape the glaring light of media scrutiny for very long so he has released his tax returns for the last ten years.  Now the liberal lapdog media is dying to find something to condemn him with.

NBC News reports their initial findings:

The returns from the Pence family date from 2006 until 2015. And they show that – unlike Trump’s – Mike Pence’s finances are relatively routine.

Last year, Pence’s gross adjusted income was $113,026; he paid an effective tax rate of 12.4 percent and gave about $9,000 to charity, according to the campaign.

Joe Perry, national partner in charge of tax and business services at Marcum LLP, said that Pence’s taxes show “a return that an average family would file.”

Since 2006, the family’s income has fluctuated between about $188,000 in 2010 to just north of $110,000 now. In 2015, the family’s earnings were its lowest in the last 10 years.

Perry noted that Pence’s charitable giving is significant particularly compared to many more wealthy taxpayers.

“I have clients who make substantially more money than he does, and his charitable contributions exceed what mine would give,” he said.

We can be certain the media are looking for anything they can turn into a scandal but they were apparently disappointed in their efforts this time. No doubt they will probably hound Trump relentlessly to release his tax returns but up till now, Trump hasn’t budged and says he won’t turn them over until Hillary releases her deleted emails. Good for him! Trump isn’t going to kneel before the altar of Hillary and has demonstrated to voters his choice for Veep was a good one!

Source: NBC News



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