BREAKING: Mike Pence Just STUNNED America…Declares At March For Life, “We Will…

It’s been a week — some would say almost a year — of “firsts” but one historic milestone in particular has set a new precedent.

Every year, the March of Life is one of the biggest demonstrations in Washington, DC. And every year, the media ignores it — while never failing to publicize much smaller, left wing, gatherings. Hundreds of thousands of men and women — particularly women — marching in support of the unborn doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s liberal agenda, so they figure if they ignore them, they’ll go away.

However, this year’s March for Life will be harder for the media to ignore so easily, because one VIP attendee is making history:

First, Trump advisor — and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign — Kellyanne Conway announced that she planned to attend the event.

During his first post-Inaugural interview with ABC News, President Trump also indicated that his administration would have a strong presence at the event, and he then chastised the media for failing to cover the March for Life in years past:

And shortly afterward, the White House dropped the other shoe: the extra security was because Vice President Mike Pence had accepted the invitation to speak at the March for Life, making him the first sitting VP ever to do so.

And here are Vie President Mike Pence’s remarks at the March for Life:

From the AP:

Vice President Mike Pence told a crowd gathered Friday in Washington for the annual March for Life rally that ending taxpayer-funded abortion and choosing a Supreme Court justice who will uphold “God-given” liberties are among top priorities of the Trump administration.

One of Trump’s first official acts after taking office a week ago was to sign an executive order banning U.S. aid to foreign groups that provide abortions. Pence said more such action would continue.

President Donald Trump will “work with the Congress to end taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers, and we will devote those resources to health care services for women across America,” said Pence to the crowd gathered near the Washington Monument.

While it’s true that Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush addressed March for Life rallies, they did so remotely. Pence’s in-person appearance brings things to a whole new level. Pence’s move isn’t all that surprising: just check out the astounding, heart-warming move he made during the race that won over millions of Republican skeptics.

As many have noted, this strategy is ingenious: either the media will finally be forced to cover the March for Life or they will ignore it again, which will confirm their liberal bias.

Either way, it is a win-win for pro-life Americans.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Associated Press

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