WHOA: Mike Pence Just STUNNED America…No One Expected THIS! [WATCH]

After so many years of broken, liberal politics and conservative who can’t get the job done, many Americans look back fondly on the Reagan years. Surely, that strong, conservative, uncompromising leader has become a symbol of everything we can accomplish as Americans.

We haven’t had a leader like that in a long time, one who puts America first and helps restore our dignity and strength around the world. Reagan was a history maker, who helped put forward important conservative reforms and bring down the tyranny of the Soviet Union.

Today we are faced with a choice: continue the failed and tyrannical policies of the left or move back to the kind of leadership Reagan represented.

It’s our choice after all.

From Breitbart:

Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, drew parallels Thursday morning between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, casting Trump as the inheritor of Reagan’s political legacy.

Though there were differences in style between Reagan and Trump, “at the very heart of Donald Trump’s campaign for president is the same impatience, the same dissatisfaction with the status quo,” and the “same confidence in the boundless potential of the American people to set things right,” Pence said.

“I will tell you, knowing my running mate … there are fundamental similarities between these two men,” Pence said, citing honesty, toughness, and belief in America’s core principles.

Watch highlights from the speech below.

America has been desperate for strong, confident leadership for a long time. Leadership that can get things done, cut through the politics and games of Washington, and inspire American citizens.

While Donald Trump has a different style than Ronald Reagan and a different personality, he in many ways embodies the confidence and determination that made Reagan a legendary president.

His outsider role, his business acumen, and his skills as a negotiator, make him a key instrument to get America back on track. Sure, not everyone will love his boldness–especially our enemies–his outspokenness, or occasional lack of civility. But at the end of the day, he will get the job done.

That’s all that matters.

Pence made a clear connection between his running mate and Reagan, encouraging conservatives who still might be holding out. If we ever want to return to an American that we once remembered, we have no choice but to support Trump.

The alternative is to live in a country nothing like what we’ve known. We won’t know what is it, but it sure won’t be America.

Source: Breitbart

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