WHOA! What Pennsylvanians Are Doing PROVES Donald Trump Is Winning…And Changing The Country!

Now this is some shocking news.

We may be heading for an EPIC blowout in Pennsylvania unlike anything since Ronald Reagan.

One reporter called it, “the most sizable shifts of partisan allegiance ever in Pennsylvania.”

Reports are coming in that over 60,000 Democrats are swapping sides ahead of the Republican primary in Pennsylvania.

From Breitbart News:

61,500 Democrats have become Republicans so far this year, part of a 145,000 jump in Republican registrations since the fall 2015 election, according to state figures analyzed by both parties. It’s more new Republicans than in the previous four years combined.

Now why could that be?

Is it because these traditionally liberal Pennsylvanians love Ted Cruz? Maybe the flagging John Kasich is lighting there fire? Don’t be silly, it’s because of Donald Trump.

Since the business mogul threw hit hat into the ring, interest in the Republican Primary has skyrocketed, bringing out record voters in states across America.

“They feel frustrated, they feel left behind,” [G. Terry] Madonna added. “They feel Trump is sticking it to the man.”

Some of the voters that switched said they are fed up with the Democrat Party’s political correctness and that the party no longer speaks for them.

Regardless of the reason, we’ll be seeing another record number of primary votes from the state.  This will certain mean something significant in the general election.

Source: Breitbart

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