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PJ Poll Results: We Asked YOU If Trump Should Fight Marijuana Legalization…Your Responses Are STUNNING!
By PJ Editor|November 20, 2016
At the same time that Donald Trump was heading to his historic presidential win, eight more states legalized medical or recreational marijuana.
Over half of all states now have medical marijuana programs and more than 63 million Americans now live in states that have legalized the recreational use of the drug.
After the selection of Jeff Sessions, a strident drug warrior, as Trump’s pick for AG, we were curious what our strongly pro-Trump audience thought about the issue. The results are overwhelming!
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Overall, support for allowing marijuana legalization to continue is strong, even among our audience which is largely conservative and older.
Question: Should President Trump go after states that have legalized marijuana?
No – 77%
Yes – 7%
Permit Medical Only – 9%
Other Answers – 7%
Digging in deeper to your responses, we asked why readers feel the way they do…
Freedom means we make out own choices, not government 41%
Each state should decide 18%
There are more important issues 13%
End the drug war altogether! 5%
Medical Marijuana is fine, but NO recreational 9%
Those states are violating federal law 5%
Marijuana is evil and only bad people use it 1%
For the children 1%
Other Answers 7%
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PJ Editor
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