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Podesta’s 75,000 Criminal Ties To Russia Just Leaked—Now Hillary’s Spooked!
By Faith Braverman|March 29, 2017

The hypocrisy of the left truly knows no bounds.

When it appeared Clinton was likely to win the presidency, she and her supporters called on the right to accept the results and not protest them. If they did, they were a “threat to democracy,” according to Clinton.

Yet when Hillary got schlonged by Trump, who were the ones challenging the results? Apparently being a “threat to democracy” is only acceptable if you’re a liberal.

Then there’s the issue of secession. Texans were mocked mercilessly by Californians for wanting to do so during the Obama era, yet now the Calexit movement is so strong that it’s being voted on in 2019.

But these examples of duplicity pale in comparison to the left’s latest boogeyman: Russia. The Democrat’s constant attempts to tie Trump to the country, while offering zero proof, are bad enough.

What makes it even more infuriating is the fact that if anyone has ties to Russia, it’s the Democrats!

From Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, may have violated federal law when he failed to fully disclose details surrounding his membership on the executive board of Joule Unlimited and the “75,000 common shares” he received.

The energy company accepted millions from a Vladimir Putin-connected Russian government fund.

Podesta, like the snake he is, attempted to cover his tracks by putting the paperwork for his shady business deals with Russia in his daughter’s name. “Thanks, Dad.”  This is in direct violation of the law, and Podesta should be fully investigated.

Podesta’s newfound ties to Putin are unsurprising given his former boss Hillary’s connections to Russia.

While she was Secretary of State, the Clinton’s received large sums of money from Russia for various reasons. Bill was paid $500,000 by an investment firm in Moscow for a “speaking fee”, and according to Fox News,  “the Clinton Foundation itself took money from Russian officials and Putin-connected oligarchs.”

Throw in the fact that the Clinton’s sold over 20% of America’s uranium to the Russians and it’s clear who Putin’s real puppets are.

Source: Breitbart 

Faith Braverman
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