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Politico Polled The Delegates…Here’s What We Learned About #NeverTrump
By PJ Editor|July 1, 2016

For months there has been a movement among the bitter clingers of the Republican establishment to pull a rabbit out of their hat and stop Donald Trump. At every turn, their plans have failed miserably.

The current plan is to use the rules committee to force a floor vote to release all of the delegates. This would allow them to vote their own preferences instead of their state’s result.

However even this plan is running into a big problem, as Politico reports…

Anti-Trump activists plotting a coup at the national convention in Cleveland this month more likely face a drubbing of their own.

Any attempt to block Trump would begin in the convention’s rules committee, an 112-member panel of delegates where Trump’s enemies had hoped to make a stand against the presumptive nominee.


Just six members say they’ll work against Trump, and of those six, two said they’d bail on the effort if they don’t find sufficient support. “If this has a shot, and if this continues to develop … I will support the freeing of the delegates,” said one of the committee members.

It’s a mismatch so yawning that anti-Trump delegates may find themselves unable to muster even the minimal support of the committee it would take to send their plans to the full convention, where all 2,472 delegates would be forced to weigh in.

So there you have it! #NeverTrump is, at last, nevermore. Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Source: Politico

PJ Editor
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