BOOM! ABC/WaPo Poll BLOWS Up Election…Confirms HISTORIC Collapse Of…

In case you’re wondering if the constant leaks from WikiLeaks has been having a negative impact on the Hillary Clinton campaign – well, there’s this, from a new poll.

Take a look at the numbers: ABC News/Washington Post poll shows one candidate has been rising steadily in recent days. And sorry, Democrats, it’s not your gal.

From Breitbart: “Trump is now at 45 percent with likely voters, up seven points from his low of 38 percent earlier in the month. Hillary Clinton is at 47 percent while Gary Johnson is at four percent and Jill Stein is at two percent.”

That means Trump has jumped seven points in only four days. At the same time, Clinton’s numbers have fallen by three points in the same four days.

And that means: Trump just saw a big 10-point swing.

“According to the poll,” Breitbart reported, “Republicans appear more energized, as 81 percent of registered Republican signaled that they are likely to vote, up six points from last week.”

Fully 86 percent of Republicans now stand firmly in Trump camp. Just a few days earlier, only 82 percent did.

And even more significantly: Now, 84 percent of Republican-leaning Independents see Trump as the go-to guy in the voting booths.

The margin of error of the poll was three points, and it was conducted between October 24 and October 27.

Source: Breitbart

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