New Reuters Poll BLOWS UP Race For President…CONFIRMS 1 Candidate’s COLLAPSE!

Reuters is one of the most trusted polling firms in the world. When they release a new poll, people pay attention.

Since the weekend a number of new polls have had Democrats looking for new talking points as poll after poll shows her campaign in free fall as Donald Trump picks up support among independents and minority voters.

The release of this latest Reuters poll confirms that trend and also means that the left can no longer deny reality…Hillary Clinton is in DEEP TROUBLE!

With just 70 days until the election, Donald Trump has caught fire amid increasing scandals and controversies surrounding Clinton. CNN has collapsed in the ratings as they have gone from a center left news outlet to the propaganda arm of the stop Trump movement.

Clearly the American people have had enough. By the millions, they are getting on the TRUMP TRAIN!

Reuters 082916

Source: Reuters

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